EPIC BIKE by Valentin Dumitrasc, Registred Office: Viale G. Mazzini 119, Castiglion Fiorentino
ciao@epicbike.it / cell.: +39 371.5325872
in accordance with articles 38 and 47 of Presidential Decree no. 445 of 28 December 2000 and aware of the penal
consequences provided for in case of false statements under articles 75 and 76 of the same Decree
• – to have read and accepted, in accordance with the current regulations, the rental price list, services and damages  compensation, and the current regulations for the rental bike service (reported on page 2), which constitute a user  contract, the general contractual conditions of which the undersigned declares, under the current regulations, to know and accept, with particular reference to the consequences incumbent on the rental company in case of damages  caused, during the use of the vehicle, to oneself, to the rented bicycle, to third parties and things, and the exemption of  the operator’s liability, under Article 1341, paragraph 2, of the Civil Code, which are approved in writing at the time of the  subscription of this request form;
• – to be informed, in accordance with Article 7 of Legislative Decree no. 196 of 30 June 2003 and subsequent amendments,
that the personal data collected will be processed, also by electronic means, exclusively within the scope of the
procedure for which this request is submitted.

Between Epic Bike owned by Valentin Dumitrasc, with headquarters in Castiglion Fiorentino, viale G. Mazzini 119 –  VAT no. 02426350514 (hereinafter “the lessor”) and the customer (hereinafter “the lessee”), this rental agreement for  electric bicycles (hereinafter “e-bikes”) is established under the following conditions:

Object of the agreement
This agreement governs the rental of e-bikes from the lessor to the lessee.

Description of the e-bikes
The e-bikes subject to rental are described in the order form and are subject to availability. The e-bikes have
undergone a pre-rental check and are in perfect working condition.

Rental duration
The rental duration is established in the order form and must be respected by the lessee. In case of delay in returning  the e-bikes, the lessor reserves the right to charge additional rental costs based on the established rate.

Rental conditions
1 . Use of the e-bikes
The lessee undertakes to use the e-bikes only for personal and non-commercial purposes, in compliance with the
highway code and the laws in force. The use of e-bikes for sports or competitive activities is prohibited. In addition,
the lessee undertakes not to use the e-bikes negligently or dangerously and to use them only in safe conditions. the
lessor assumes no responsibility for damages resulting from the use of e-bikes in violation of the rental conditions.

2 . Responsibilities of the rider 

The rider is fully responsible for any damage caused to the e-bikes during the rental period, including repair and/or replacement costs. Furthermore, the rider is responsible for any damage to people or property caused by the use of the e-bikes during the rental period. The rider must use the e-bikes with the utmost care and attention, respecting all the rules of the road and current laws.

3 . Return of the e-bikes

At the end of the rental period, the rider agrees to return the e-bikes to the rental company’s premises or to a designated location. In case of delay in the return of the e-bikes, the rental company reserves the right to charge additional rental costs based on the established rate. The rental company also reserves the right to charge the rider  for any damages caused to the e-bikes during the rental period.

4 . User obligations

This Agreement emphasizes the importance of responsible use of the bicycles rented by the User. For this reason, the User must comply with the current rules of the road in Italy and the provisions of this Agreement during the use of the rented bicycles. Furthermore, the User agrees to use the rented bicycles only for personal purposes and not for commercial or advertising purposes. The User undertakes to return the rented bicycles within the agreed term at the time of rental. In case of delay in the return, the User will have to pay a penalty of €10 for each hour of delay. The User must take care of the rented bicycles and use them appropriately. In particular, the User undertakes not to use the bicycles on unsuitable terrain, not to exceed speed limits, and not to carry passengers or goods in excess of the bicycle specifications.

The User undertakes to protect the rented bicycles from any damage, theft, or robbery by using the security systems provided by Epic Bike properly. In case of any anomaly or problem encountered during the use of the rented bicycles, the User must immediately report such anomaly or problem to Epic Bike.

The User is responsible for any damage caused to the rented bicycles during the rental period, except for normal wear and tear due to regular use. In case of violation of one or more of the provisions of this Agreement, Epic Bike reserves the right to take necessary measures to enforce its rights.

5 . Payment Conditions

The rental price is based on the rental duration and the rates indicated on the Epic Bike website at the time of  rental. The User must make advance payment for the rental using the online payment system provided by Epic Bike. In case of non-payment of the rental by the User, Epic Bike has the right to immediately suspend the rental and  request payment of the debt. In case of late payment of the rental, Epic Bike has the right to charge an interest rate of 3% for each day of delay.

6 . Release of liability

The customer must sign a liability release form before using the bicycle rented from Epic Bike. By signing the form,  the customer agrees to be responsible for any damage caused to the bicycle or to third parties during the rental  period. Epic Bike will not be responsible for any damages or injuries caused by improper use of the bicycle or by any  violations of the traffic code by the Customer.

7 . In case of loss of keys or bicycle accessories, or damages, Epic Bike will require the Client to pay the amount  necessary for the original restoration of the vehicle, based on the supplier’s price list and estimates. In case of total  theft, the user will have to compensate the Manager for the established amount.

8 . Applicable Law

This agreement is governed by Italian law and all disputes arising from this agreement will be subject to the exclusive  jurisdiction of Italian courts.

9 . Changes to the contract

Epic Bike reserves the right to make changes to this contract at any time, with prior notice to the customer. the  changes made will take effect from the date of notification to the customer.

10 . In case of theft of the electric bicycle, the User must provide the Manager with a copy of the report made to  the competent authorities and pay the amount equal to the value of the stolen bicycle (see Art. 7), which will be  refunded to them in case the vehicle is found or recovered.

11 . Safeguard clause

In the event that any clause of this contract is deemed invalid or unenforceable, such clause shall have no effect on the validity of the remaining clauses of the contract. This contract constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and supersedes all prior agreements and communications, whether verbal or written, between the parties concerning the subject matter of this contract. For any matter not expressly provided for in this agreement, the relationship between the parties (contractors) shall be governed by the provisions of the civil code. For any dispute arising between the parties, the competent court is that of Arezzo.